Microsoft hiring more graffiti artists to promote Windows 8

Over the past few weeks we’ve shown you some neat street art designed to promote the Surface tablet. It looks like Microsoft wants to go full-scale with its graffiti art ad campaign, as it is now hiring additional artists to create murals specifically for Windows 8 instead of just the Surface.

Microsoft has launched a portal to promote its presence at Advertising Week in New York City, from October 1-4. The site answers the question as to why Microsoft wants to promote Windows 8 this way and seeks to hire additional artists in order to get the campaign kickstarted.

Why break boundaries in this way?  With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft introduces a new advertising canvas.  We are kicking the old way of digital advertising to the curb with something fresh, modern, and revolutionary.  And we are looking for digital graffiti artists.

[via ZDNet]

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