The elusive matte grey Lumia 920 shows it’s face

For many of you, myself included, the grey Nokia Lumia 920 is the phone you’re excited about.¬†Unfortunately¬†the grey version has not been shown off much by Nokia, or anyone else for that matter. We are constantly shown the glossy yellow and red versions, but there is something so sexy about the matte grey.

Engadget took a little field trip to Nokia HQ and took many photos to remember the trip. They were lucky enough to see a grey Lumia 920, and it looks as nice as you would expect. The grey is a nice change of pace from white or black, and you don’t have to worry about live tile color clashing with the phone color. What do you think?


  • jenjen4u

    does look sexy!

  • Jonathan DeJesus

    Damn, that’s one sexy device!

  • PacificNormWest

    This is the one I want!

  • It does look pretty slick. I would go for it over a glossy color anyday.

  • blue787

    Gorgeous, that’s the color I’m getting. Done deal.

  • Chris_Polanco

    …I Wish the Red came in Matte. :(

  • Me too man!