[Rumor] Microsoft looking to acquire the music service Rdio

A juicy rumor has popped up on The Next Web that could mean a lot for music on Windows Phone. According to sources, Microsoft is in talks to acquire the music startup Rdio. Rdio is a music service similar to Spotify. For a monthly rate you get unlimited access to millions of songs and streaming online or with mobile apps.

TNW doesn’t have many details other than the whispers they are hearing from sources. Like them, we do see how this could make sense for both parties. Microsoft has had a similar product in “Zune Pass” for several years, but something like Rdio could really beef up the offering and add great features.

With purchases like Skype, it is not out of the realm of possibility to think Microsoft could make another big buy. TNW makes it clear that this is only a rumor, and it could easily never happen. Nonetheless, imagine how awesome it could be.

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