HSN shows love for Windows 8, sells first laptops and posts instructional videos

If you’re at home eating bon bons and waiting for the soap operas to start you may have seen Windows 8 make it’s Home Shopping Network debut. Today HSN became one of the first places to sell Windows 8 devices, and even posted some instructional videos to help along the buyers.

Up for sale is two Gateway laptops and an all-in-one, plus an Acer laptop and all-in-one for a total of five devices. The laptops start at $699 and go up to $999. The all-in-ones are $999 and $1199. They are available to purchase right now, but the catch is you’ll have to wait a month to receive¬†anything you order.

The instructional videos posted by HSN cover four main Windows 8 features: search, apps, picture password, and live tiles. Check out the HSN YouTube channel to give the videos a watch and freshen up on your skills. This is just the beginning of a crazy month.


HSN – Windows 8

[via The Verge]

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