Nokia plans to sell Lumia products directly to U.S. customers with pop-up shops

The next few months could be the most important in the history of Nokia. The company is doing great right now, and this new line of Windows Phone 8 devices could be their last hail mary. Nokia appears to be aware of the importance of these devices, and they are going all out to promote them.

One way they plan on getting the Lumia line into people’s hands is by directly selling it to them. Nokia doesn’t have much of a retail presence over here in the U.S. so they rely a lot on carrier stores. A new job posting shows that Nokia plans to cut out the middle man, and try to sell their own devices in malls with kiosks. This will allow Nokia to control the¬†experience¬†and not have to rely on clueless AT&T employees. The job posting is for Queens Center Mall in New York, but we hope to see them pop up in other places too.

How would you like to buy a Lumia 920 or 820 directly from Nokia?

[via WPCentral]

  • Super2online

    Yes, without hesitation!