Still want the classic Start Menu in Windows 8? Stardock can help

Microsoft made a bold move by removing the classic Start Menu from Windows 8. This may be the single most jarring experience for those switching from Windows 7. Microsoft is never bringing it back, but others are cashing in on its absence.

Stardock is a company that makes a popular OS X-like icon dock for Windows, along with a slew of other products. Their newest is something called Start8. The app creates a virtual classic Start Menu, but can also boot users directly to the desktop, completely bypassing the Modern UI Start screen.

Start8 will cost you $4.99. A small price to pay for those that really need a Start Menu. We have a feeling that Microsoft may eventually block something like this, but feel free to try it for yourself.

Stardock | Start8

[via MS News]

  • Scubadog

    Lame. I’m discontinuing my subscription to Stardock. They are officially stuck in the past. People need to grow up and get off the old, tired concepts. Embrace the new.

  • I completely agree.

  • Brandon Akey

    Yea okay.. Microsoft employees.