Microsoft reveals Surface pricing, starting at $499

Microsoft has finally unveiled the prices for their flagship tablet the Surface, with the base model starting at $499 and offering 32GB of storage with the touch cover sold separately. The $599 model does include the touch cover but storage remains at 32GB. Up higher is $699 which sees your storage options bumped to 64GB while including the touch cover.

The touch cover can be bought separately for a price of $129.99, so for those of you wanting the cover, the $599 model does end up saving you a bit of money. Specs for the devices are also listed, as these are the Windows RT models. 2GB of RAM, two 720p cameras, a Tegra 3 T30 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and a separate 520MHz 12-core GeForce GPU. For those of you keen on getting the Surface on launch day, the official site says shipping should have the items in hand to customers on October 26th.

Source: Microsoft

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