Nokia reporting $754 million quarterly loss, only shipped 2.9 million Lumias

Nokia has been perched on rocky cliffs for several quarters since the announcement of their partnership with Microsoft and this quarter doesn’t appear to be any better. Today the company reported an operating loss of $754 million for the third quarter of 2012. Stephen Elop has been reporting that Q3 would be a challenging quarter, most likely given that Windows Phone 8 was announced before the quarter began.

The company managed to sell only 2.9 million Lumias after the announcement of Windows Phone 8, despite selling four million the quarter before with the unveiling of the Lumia 900. This is the first quarter that Lumia sales have dropped since the introduction of the handset, but this drop is understandable given that most consumers are waiting for the new devices sporting Windows Phone 8.

Just as we hoped when the company launched the Lumia 900 earlier this year, the company could see a turn around for the Lumia 820/920 launch depending on consumer reception.

[via The Verge]

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