Asus shows off the dual-screen Taichi Windows 8 laptop

One of the most unique form factors for Windows 8 comes in the Asus Taichi. The Taichi has two screens: one in the regular laptop placement, and one directly behind it. The user can use the device closed like a tablet, open like a laptop, or with both screens on for showing your screen to friends.

Asus has put up a nice little video on YouTube to show what the Taichi can do. In the video we get to see what it looks like to use the screens in all their different orientations, and we get a look at the stylus. The Taichi is one of the most expensive Windows 8 devices coming in at $1,300. With two screens,Intel i5 or i7 processors, and 128GB SSD you get what you pay for. Is it worth cost?


[via MS News]

  • Robert Marino

    This is definitely cool, but I don’t know if it offers anything much over the form factor where the screen can just be turned and the laptop closed to be in a tablet-like mode. Maybe the mirroring, but I just don’t see that being a killer feature, I’d be more afraid the top screen would crack/scratched/damaged in transportation, unlike a protected inner screen. I know a case could solve that issue, same as any other device, it just seems that it would be more accident-prone to me.