iPad mini vs. Microsoft Surface vs. Nexus 7 [Chart]

Another contender has entered the ring, and it comes from a familiar face. Apple has just announced the iPad 4 and iPad mini, both devices will be competing against Microsoft Surface this holiday season. We’ve also included the Nexus 7, the best contender for Android. Who wins in this heavy weight matchup? We think Surface looks pretty good, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the graph and tell us who you think wins!

  • Azmon Rougier

    Correction: The iPad mini has a dual core A5 processor not A6X…

  • Surface is an automatic win at 32 GB storage (entry level) and 2GB RAM. Android is just a mess of an OS. And iOS is extremely outdated at 5+ years old with no significant refresh.

  • That’s my problem with iOS. Every time they release a new hardware design that looks amazing like the iPad mini, they still have that same outdated grid of icons that can’t be customized.

  • shonangreg

    The 32GB Nexus 7 is going to replace the 16GB version this month at the same price point.

    Jelly bean is a graceful OS, and this month android 4.2 might actually see multiple user accounts — finally.

    Other, non-crippled though still inexpensive android tablets are coming out this fall that have micro-SD card slots, hdmi out, etc. (the acer iconia tab A110 might be the first example, but it is still lacking…)

    The only things still missing are more robust USB device support, but this seems almost there, and solid, easy to use office apps and mouse/cursor navigation functionality. Android, and Apple, are getting close on all these.

    Microsoft is entering this game too late. Their tablets are going to be nominally more office functional for just a few months before android catches up. Keyboards and mice are already near non-issues. The wealth of apps on android and iOS are going to keep most users from making a switch for so little reward.

    With a fixed google docs / google drive and the other shortcomings mentioned above being taken care of, MS will have nothing to offer, at a higher price point, with fewer apps.

    I do wish there could be three players in the market, but MS’s past anti-consumer market manipulations have engendered so much ill will that they will not be given the chance.

  • Prokopis Anas.

    Its not a good chart. Wrong processor on ipad mini. Also weight does matter you know….

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Android is a great OS (I have yet to try windows 8 on a touchscreen). It is stupid to have all these tablets in the same chart! iPad mini vs nexus 7 is correct, iPad 4th vs. Surface RT correct, but everyone compared is wrong. Surface is a work tool and it is in a different tablet league (the screen size). Eventhough Nexus and Surface RT use tegra 3 I think they should not be compared, cause of screensize.
    iPad sucks against android and Windows 8 RT. It does not offer enough software functions, it sucks at video, iOS sucks even more on a big screen and it lacks so much support (USB and micro SD).
    I cannot wait to get my hands on either the surface RT, asus vivo tab or asus transformer eee pad infinity.

  • Glenn Harvey

    No front facing camera for the Surface? That’s a bummer for Skypeing.

  • It has a front facing camera, its just not written in this table

  • Agent_Blade

    It does have a front facing camera.

  • DannyB

    Surface will win as nearly all work places use windows and most people will want to be able to play AND work on their tablet, plus you get more tec for a lower price!!!

  • The iPad Mini has an Apple A5 SoC not an A6x processor.. Also only has 512 mb of ram.
    Also both iPads have been upgraded to 1.2 MP HD front cameras.
    Maybe the table should be corrected?

  • big

    surface wins