Early Microsoft Surface RT reviews start rolling out

The embargo on Microsoft Surface RT broke late last night, and reviews from many sites have popped up since then. We will be bringing you our review as soon as we receive the device, but until then let’s take a look at what others had to say. The reviews have been generally positive, but with a few things holding the device back from being truly great. The common thought was that the hardware is great, but the software still needs some time. Here’s what a few people had to say:

“The Surface is full of potential, but until its software performance and apps are as strong as its hardware, I, unfortunately, will still drag both a laptop and an iPad through security.”

– Joanna Stern, ABC News

“If you’re ok being an early adopter, and ok dealing with the fact that mobile devices are still being significantly revved every year, Surface is worth your consideration. If you’ve wanted a tablet that could really bridge the content consumption and productivity device, Surface is it.”

– Anand Lai Shimpi, AnandTech

“If you’re an early adopter willing to forget everything you know about navigating a computer, the Surface tablet could replace your laptop. Everyone else: wait for more apps.”

– Eric Franklin, CNET

“If you’re looking for an impeccably engineered tablet upon which you can do some serious work, a device that doesn’t look, feel or act like a toy, then you should get yourself a Surface with Windows RT.”

– Tim Stevens, Engadget

“There may be a time in the future when all the bugs have been fixed, the third-party app support has arrived, and some very smart engineers in Redmond have ironed out the physical kinks in this type of product which prevent it from being all that it can be. But that time isn’t right now — and unfortunately for Microsoft, the clock is ticking.”

– Joshua Topolsky, The Verge

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