HP Envy TouchSmart hands-on preview at Times Square [Video]

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The next device to be fondled by our loving hands is the HP Envy TouchSmart. This is another Windows 8 laptop that employs a touchscreen display. The Envy TouchSmart has Beats Audio built in, which you will only find in HP computers. This device has a 14″ display at 1366×768 resolution, an Intel Core i3 processor, 2GB of RAM, and it runs Windows 8 Pro. It can also be upgraded to a core i7 processor and 4GB of RAM.

We took a look at how Windows 8 runs with the touchscreen on the Envy TouchSmart. Even though there is a good trackpad it is easier to just touch the screen to navigate, as the Microsoft Store employee demonstrates. Hopefully all laptops start coming with touchscreens like the Envy TouchSmart. Check out the video to see this brand new device in action.

  • Finally!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to group live tiles for weeks now.

  • Because I generally use large-ish screens, I would have to lean forward or rearrange my desk arrangement dramatically to actually use the touch screen on there. Do most people just sit face into the screens?