Mint for Windows Phone comes in form of 3rd party app

For almost six months we’ve been keeping a secret. Our friend Greg Wenograd has been working hard on an app for, and we’ve been one of the few allowed to use it. Today Greg has taken the wraps of the app he calls Money Thyme, and we’re glad he did.

Greg has is the developer of an app we really love called Radio Controlled for Pandora. When we heard he was making an app for we got excited. Mint is one of the few apps still not on Windows Phone, and a lot of people have been waiting for it. Greg posted a screencast of the app in action on Twitter. The app has everything you would find in an official Mint app: charts, balances, budgets, alerts, and more.

The app is not available yet, but there is a beta program you can sign up for if you’d like to be a tester.

  • grudoubleb

    The app really looks great, but I’m a little hesitant to sign into a 3rd
    party app for a service that stores all my bank accounts and passwords.
    I trust Mint, but any word on security for this app that can ease my