Nokia Lumia 920 reportedly launching on November 11th

BGR initially reported that the Lumia 920 would launch on October 26th, well that is today and the 920 has not been launched. So, they are back again with a new “confirmed” release date. This time November 11th is the big day. Their last report was obviously inaccurate, so keep that in mind this time.

They cite multiple sources that say November 11th is the launch day for the Lumia 920 on AT&T. As we know, the phone will come in red, yellow, black, white, and cyan. The price is still unknown, but we’d bet it lands somewhere between $150 and $50. Your patience will be rewarded.

  • dem0n0cracy

    Considering I’ve already preordered it on Best Buy, the Price will be $150 for an upgrade/new contract. I got the Cyan Lumia 920. It’s all ‘sold out’ though.

  • Finger_Tips

    It is really disappointing that Nokia did not time the release of the 920 in time for release of Windows 8 or the Surface tablet. Official U.S. prices have not been released nor has an official launch date. It sort of makes me wonder if Nokia knows what the heck its doing anymore.