Shazam launches Windows 8 app for all your music discovering needs

Early this morning Windows 8 was made available to the world, which means a lot of new people are checking out the Windows Store for the first time. Big name apps have been rolling in at a steady pace the last few weeks, and not the flood gates are really opening. Shazam, a popular music discovery app, is the next big name to make it’s way to Windows 8.

Shazam is now available on Windows 8 tablets, ultrabooks, laptops, and all-in-ones. If you’re unfamiliar with Shazam it is an app that can identify songs just by listening. The Windows 8 app will have My Tag View to see recent identified songs, social sharing, lyrics, and music reviews and artist bios. The app is completely free and has unlimited tagging. Download it in the Windows Store below!

  • What the hell is going on in this article?

    1. Shazam will be available in Windows 8
    2. Shazam is not available nowhere in Windows 8, but download it in Windows Store Below
    3. Shazam is now available, but no link