5 Windows Phone apps for Halloween

Unless you live in a cave you are probably aware in some capacity that today is Halloween. You’re either someone who loves Halloween, or someone who doesn’t care one bit. We’re hoping you’re in the first category because we’ve got five apps that are sure to make this Halloween even more fun.

Pumpkin Carver, Free

What Halloween would be complete without carving pumpkins? If you can’t find some real pumpkins to carve or you just don’t like the mess this app should satisfy your need to slice up a vegetable.

Cocktail Flow, $2.99/Free

After you carved your pumpkin (real or otherwise) you’re going to want to reward that hard work with a drink, if you’re over 21 of course. Cocktail Flow will help you make something delicious with whatever you have on hand.

Halloween Sounds, Free

If scaring people is your Halloween delight you’re going to need more than just a mask. Halloween Sounds is the perfect companion to elevate your scaring game.

Flashlight-X, Free

It’s dark, you’re out of candy, and you don’t know where you are. You have a smartphone! Flashlight-X will  light the way to safety, but it won’t save you from boxes of raisins.

Plants vs Zombies, $4.99/Free

If a hurricane has soiled your Halloween plans, or you just prefer to stay inside, you’ll need something to do. Plants vs Zombies is a fun game with monsters, and it’s not a lame board game.

Have a Happy Halloween, and stay safe!

  • Justin

    cool thanks I alerady use flashlight-x, it’s the best flashlight app on the market