Angry Birds Roost now available for all Lumia devices

One of Nokia’s big talking points at their Windows Phone 8 conference was Angry Birds Roost, a new hub for Lumia users to enjoy all things related to Angry Birds. This hub is now available for download for all Lumia devices and features the Angry Birds game currently available on Windows Phone, as well as sound bits and other info. If you’re an Angry Birds fanatic, it’s probably worth checking out. Until Angry Birds Space and other titles join the fray, it just seems gutted, though.



  • SupaFreak88

    this is so stupid it’s like if somebody made a hub for all zyngas crap… you cant even go anywhere without seeing angry birds everywhere so sick of it…

  • registradus

    Angry Birds is developed by Rovio not Zynga…

  • registradus

    When you say ‘all Lumia devices’ so you mean ‘all Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices’?