AT&T’s HTC 8X gets an extra accent color and less branding

Well this is a first. AT&T is actually putting less branding on a device than the international version. WPCentral got their hands on the AT&T version of the 8X and pointed out a few welcome additions compared to the international version.

Looking at the back you’ll see a very minimal AT&T globe logo along with the Beats Audio logo and HTC logo. On the front there is absolutely no branding, which is extremely rare to see. The AT&T version of the 8X also has an extra accent color. The color matches the royal blue of the 8X, and it’s simply called “HTC.” It’s nice to see AT&T take care of their Windows Phones.

  • Justin

    cool color..

  • That’s a really nice look! I’ve got a hard decision ahead of me, typically I haven’t gone for the colored phones, but that accent color will look nice even on black.

  • The Hammer

    I use to have HTC Android phones but was sick of never being updated or HTC releasing a new phone every week. This phone running WP8 looks amazing and the spec’s are top notch. The colors look good also.
    Not sure weather to go Lumia 920 or HTC 8x. I guess it will come down to specific features like music or maps etc.
    Thumbs up to HTC for making a great WP8 as the Mozart and others they made are so out of date.

  • The Hammer

    I agree but need to see some video comparisons of Lumia 920 v HTC 8x HTC make good phones, personally better than Samsung as Samsung use plastic and feel cheap and nasty.
    I just off loaded a Galaxy S3 as sick of the plastic feel.