Acer Aspire S7 commercial features Megan Fox, deserves much better

It’s no secret that we here at WinSource have a little crush on the Acer AspireS7 ultrabook. It’s super sleek, has a great keyboard, a touchscreen, and is absolutely perfect for Windows 8. We got a look at in in person last week at the Windows 8 event in Times Square and that made us like it even more. When we heard Acer had created a commercial for the S7 we were excited, but after watching it we are disappointing.

The commercial features the once-very-popular-but-not-any-more Megan Fox, scientists, and dolphins, but not much of the actual device. The ad is about Fox using an Aspire S7 to learn about dolphins and eventually translate their sounds to English. It’s a very strange commercial for a device that could sell itself on looks alone. We would much prefer to see the actual device being the focus instead of a washed up celebrity.

What do you think?

  • Yury H

    Show us the device and features!! -__-

  • Agreed! It’s just so beautiful.

  • The Aspire S7 has enough merits to be the feature of the commercial. What were you thinking, Acer? Washed up celebrities are for Hulu commercials.

  • Avatar Roku

    This bad commercial could have been salvaged by having the dolphin ask about the laptop.