Nextgen Reader heads to Windows 8 with a beautiful interface

One of the RSS readers for Google Reader that we’ve really enjoyed on Windows Phone 7 has been Nextgen Reader. The developers have been hard at work creating a Windows 8 app and it shows. The interface is sleek and super easy to use on both a touch and mouse interface. There’s no live tile support yet, but the developer mentions that it is coming in a future update. The app will set you back $3.99, but it does have an unlimited ad-free trial. If you’ve upgraded to Windows 8, you should definitely check this reader out.

  • Just pulled down the trial app to see how I like using it before jumping on the paid version. So far, so good though. Gonna give it a week or so to see if it becomes my more natural place to go for RSS feeds.

  • SupaFreak88

    now just needs a reddit reader looks that good all the ones in the store suck

  • I was looking for an app like this. I use Currents for Android and I’m looking for something similar for Win8. This is pretty decent.