Unlocked Lumia 920 usable on T-Mobile? Could be possible…

For a while now we’ve known that the Lumia 920’s radio band support has been a bit off. It was admitted by Nokia that the phone does not support the 1700MHz range, which would have made it impossible to use on T-Mobile. However, new evidence has surfaced that the phone does in fact support the 1700MHz band, which means T-Mobile support is a definite possibility if this turns out to be true.

Despite saying the phone doesn’t support the 1700MHz band, Nokia has neglected to remove this spec from its own website, and the printed manual that comes with the phone confirms this band. This is highly confusing for plenty of people who want to stay with T-Mobile’s affordable pricing but also want a premium phone like the Lumia 920. Hmm. We’ll stay on top of this issue for any of our T-Mobile readers who are still maintaining hope that they’ll be able to use the Lumia 920 some day.

[via: TmoNews]

  • just

    This will be a good news if the rumor is true. I for one will be buying the N920 later.

  • It doesn’t make much sense for them to advertise something in the manual that’s not true, so here’s to hoping for all your T-Mo customers.

  • SupaFreak88

    t-mobile customers dont desrve premium phones if they cant pay

  • ThisGuy^

    They do pay. Way more in fact since they have to get the phone without a contract and pay full price for the phone or even more for the unlocked version if they don;t want to be bothered with that.