Apps with live tiles will be highlighted in the Windows Phone Store

Microsoft has a lot of unique features in Windows Phone, but they don’t mean anything if developers don’tĀ utilizeĀ them. In order to highlight those developers and apps that do use unique Windows Phone tools Microsoft will start marking them in the Store.

In the screenshot above we can see MetroTube’s Windows Phone Store listing. It now says “with Live Tile” directly under the app name. This is a very smart move by Microsoft. I find myself looking for apps that have good live tiles, and I’m sure other people do too. This will make those apps much easier to find, plus it will provide incentive for developers to use live tiles. A win for everyone.

[via WMPU]

  • I hope they start doing that for the Windows8 store as well. LiveTiles is such a cool feature… but having half of my metro apps not support it makes my start screen feel lamer than it should.

  • Yeah, seems like a logical move.