Lumia 920 coming November 9th with free wireless charging pad? [Rumor]

We’ve seen a veritable bevy of rumors surrounding the launch of AT&T’s Windows Phone 8 lineup. Yesterday we showed you Best Buy’s eBay Mobile page where you could purchase the HTC 8X and the Lumia 920. That site was quickly taken down and the Lumia 920 removed, with only the HTC 8X showing up. Now, according to WPCentral, an AT&T insider has informed them that the official date is in fact, November 9th. The Lumia 820 will retail for $49, and the Lumia 920 will retail for $149. According to this source, the 920 will come with a free wireless charging pad.

It looks like November 9th is all but official, now we’re just waiting for AT&T to put up their information.



  • The sooner, the better. The reviews have looked excellent, and I can’t wait to start hearing what actual users think.

  • I have to wonder if you can charge more than one phone on a charging pad. Probably not, but I’m still curious. Can’t wait for this deal, though. I’m definitely there, come January when our contract allows upgrades.