Microsoft talks in depth about the lockscreen in Windows Phone 8

The lockscreen on a phone is the screen you see the most, and you probably don’t think twice about it. It’s there every time you turn on the screen, preventing your pocket or intruders from accessing your phone. In Windows Phone 7.5 there was limited functionality in the lockscreen. Calendar events, 1st party app notifications, and alarms is the most you can see. With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has opened the lockscreen to many new features.

We’ve already covered the new features like 3rd party app notifications and live apps, but if you’d like to go a little more in depth about the changes there is a great interview with program manager┬áDanielle Ellbogen on the Windows Blog. She talks about why some of the changes were made, and how they thought about implementing the changes. It’s a very interesting read.

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