More Surface phone rumors crop up in WSJ [Rumor]

We’ve been reporting for a few months now that there have been whiffs of Microsoft set to get into the hardware business when it comes to phones, too. WSJ reports today that Microsoft is working with several component suppliers in Asia in order to test its own smartphone design. At this point the design is still very much a prototype and it is undecided whether or not the device will make it into mass production. Two of the obvious contenders for the title of manufacturer are Huawei and MediaTek, which would certainly suggest why Huawei has not released a phone immediately for the Windows Phone 8 launch.

We’ll likely see a Microsoft device sometime next year if these rumors are to be believed. It would not surprise me in the least bit, since Microsoft has lead the Windows 8 tablet charge with the Surface RT and Surface Pro soon.

Source: WSJ

  • Take my money, Microsoft!

  • Definitely excited to see what they’re doing for a Surface phone, especially since they’ve worked pretty close with HTC and Nokia already. How much different could their ideal WP device be?

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    It will have a kickstand and a touch/typecover. It will also use magnets on the charging port and have a digital ink pen.