New comScore data shows Windows Phone calm before the storm

ComScore data is always interesting to decipher and this month it’s actually rather surprising. Android gained less than a full 1%, while Apple only gained a rough 2% despite launching a new phone. Of course RIM is hemorrhaging users as always, but Windows Phone only saw a 0.2% drop in the time when new phones like the HTC 8X and the Lumia 920 were announced. This says that people are staying the course with their current offering, waiting for these phones to go on sale and for reviews to come in.

Next month’s ComScore data should be particularly interesting, since Windows Phone 8 handsets will be available around the globe. I’m sure we’ll see an upswing for Microsoft’s marketshare then.

[via Engadget]

  • I think we’ll be pleased with the numbers next month. At least I hope.

  • Sobr0801

    Agreed. Looking forward to an uptick. To bad I can upgrade to a WP till march. Just sold my Rezound and bought a trophy!

  • Hopefully it’ll see a gain next month. After all, they’ll be launching a good number of new devices all at once (and from several OEMs).