Analysts say Microsoft Surface doing well at retail stores

While there have been no official announcements when it comes to sales of the Surface RT, analysts seem to think that the device is already a hit. Online inventory was gone in a matter of days and several Microsoft Store retail locations had long lines outside of them the day Surface was made available. One Verge forums anecdote even comments on people marching into carrier stores like Curry’s in the UK, demanding to know why they can’t buy the Surface there.

Analyst Brendan Barnicle of Pacific Crest performed a survey of Microsoft Store locations and said that of the locations he polled, “sales were strong”. Barnicle also cited that most of the stores in his survey had already had more than one delivery for Surface inventory.


  • idlelimey

    This is good news and hopefully vindicates the decision by MS to make the device. I think the more technically minded are holding out for the Surface Pro so there could be more good news to come. Couple that with a possible Surface phone and MS have a real brand opportunity here – perhaps to the detriment of their partners as some would think. I however, think it’s a motivation for OEMs to up their game and raise the standards of their hardware and, crucially, their after-sales support (Nokia got this right with Windows Phone).