Magenta Lumia 920 spotted; we knew it wouldn’t be long

When Nokia launched it’s Lumia 800 line of phones, the bold magenta and cyan led the charge alongside the more muted black and white. When the Lumia 900 launched, Nokia ditched the magenta in favor of cyan, but rumors were abound that we’d see magenta return for Mother’s Day. When the Lumia 920 was announced, we weren’t really surprised to see magenta absent from the color list despite new additions like red, yellow, and grey.

Now it looks like Nokia is teasing us again, as the above screenshot was taken from a Nokia promo video. PocketNow caught the magenta phone and notes that Nokia has always had subtle ways at hinting their customers as to what could be coming next. Would you buy a magenta Lumia 920?

[via PocketNow]

  • Never been a fan of the bright colored phones, but I know some people are.