MetroTwit for Windows 8 surpasses 100,000 downloads

If you’re a developer wondering whether you should develop for Windows 8 this may be your wake-up call. MetroTwit, one of the first Twitter apps for Windows 8, has announced they passed 100,000 downloads.

This is proof that the Windows Store is being used by many people, and right now it is ripe for the picking. MetroTwit benefited by being one of the first Twitter apps in the Store, and there are other gaps that can be filled in the same successful way. Pandora, Google Music, Tumblr, and many more services are just waiting for a great Windows 8 app.

[via Twitter]

  • With 4 million users in the first week, you should definitely be on this train, developers.

  • SupaFreak88

    Easy to get that many downloads when all the other twitter clients suck.. people should get on the ball and capitalize on how empty the marketplace is right now.. there’s a lot of money to be made..

  • I’ve used it since Win7, but the metro version considers vertical mouse wheel scrolls as a whole page scroll whereas horizontal mouse wheel scrolls are the regular scrolling. Very weird feeling and I assume it’s a bug. Makes for a kinda shitty experience though.

  • Well tweetro is nice and free. I’ve bought all twitter apps for my windowsphone and another $4.99 won’t do it this time.

  • idlelimey

    I wish it was exactly the same as the desktop client as I’d like to run it on my Surface RT (no desktop apps apart from Office and some OS functions allowed). I don’t think the Metro (or whatever we’re calling it) version is as good. I do think these developers are an extremely talented bunch though, so I’m sure MetroTwit will just get better and better.

  • That’s weird, I don’t have that problem. You should look into updating drivers.

  • MetroTwit is free…

  • If I disable my logitech software, it works fine. But without it I can’t do my swipe gestures for Win8… which kinda defeats the point of having a cool touch mouse.