Microsoft will retire Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype

Since Microsoft acquired Skype a few years ago, we’ve been wondering what they planned on doing with the VoIP service. It looks like it will soon become the primary way to communicate with your Microsoft contacts. For a few months now Skype 6.0 has offered users to sign in via Facebook and Windows Live, linking accounts together. This was the first hints that Microsoft had more planned for Skype.

With Skype integration into Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, it makes sense that Microsoft will want to consolidate their messenger offerings. With the strong offering of WLM’s backend for text messaging and Skype’s VoIP calls, Microsoft is poised to surpass both Apple and Google with their offerings. Perhaps Google could learn something from Microsoft, instead of running up to five different messenger services across different platforms.

[via The Verge]




  • As long as they pull in Skype’s IM chat stuff to Win8 messenger, then I’m completely fine with it. I haven’t used WLM itself in… years.