OEMs not enthusiastic about Windows RT after Surface RT launch

Acer has been noticeably vocal about Microsoft stepping into the hardware game as they’ve stated that they feel that Microsoft is stepping on toes. That may be the case, as Digitimes is reporting that several OEMs that were initially enthusiastic about Windows RT are less so now that Microsoft has finally launched the Surface RT. ASUS, Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo are all planning to ship less than 50k units of Windows RT devices, while Acer, Sony, HP and Toshiba have all decided that Windows RT products are not in their future.

Nokia has been mum about their tablet plans, but it was assumed that the company would follow Microsoft’s lead. Instead, Nokia has not mentioned the possibility of any tablets and it seems like if there will be one, it will be of the Windows 8 Pro variety.

[via Digitimes]

  • I feel like maybe the RT was too far into Windows future than they are able to support or properly pitch right now. In a year or two, when the WIndows Store is full of win8 apps, something that uses those apps exclusively would be very attractive; something I would jump on at launch.

    But pushing out a device like this now, before the store has been populated with killer apps and sexy metro-versions of everything seems like a weird move. Maybe they’re trying to create the demand for those apps with these kind of devices?

    Who knows… but it seems like ARM is picking up steam quickly, so maybe, more than anything, they saw it as essential to show they are building for Intel and ARM. Perhaps, by the time Win9 is coming out, the Surface RT will seem like a completely inspired move by Microsoft.

  • I feel like no one is going to make Windows RT devices, and it will just slowly die away. There is just too much confusion for consumers anyway, and RT devices are not nearly as cheap as they could be. Just use Windows 8.