Samsung Ativ Smart PC with Windows 8 officially costs $799 from AT&T

A common comment about Microsoft Surface is “it’s great, but I think I’d prefer the Windows 8 version.” That’s because Microsoft Surface runs Windows RT, a stripped down version of Windows 8 that can only run Metro apps. To those waiting for a full Windows 8 tablet the Samsung Ativ Smart PC should do the job.

The Ativ Smart PC runs Windows 8 out of the box, and can be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro for free.┬áIt has a 11.6″ display, 1.5GHz Intel Atom processor, 64GB of internal memory, and AT&T data for mobile connectivity. The Ativ Smart PC has an optional $49 docking station, and $40 VGA adapter for connecting to displays. The tablet itself will cost $799 and be available starting November 9th.

Press Release

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