Surface performance vs. Samsung Series 7 Slate (Core i5) [Video]

One of the questions we’ve been seeing around the web and in the WinSource forums is how well the Surface performs against other, bigger offerings such as Samsung’s new Windows 8 tablet. This video will answer those questions for you, as well as explain some of the differences you’ll encounter when using a Windows RT tablet versus a full-fledged Windows 8 tablet.

For anyone who has been on the fence on whether or not to get the Surface RT or to wait for the Pro version, this video is for you. The pros and cons of both are stated well and you’ll walk away more informed.

[via YouTube]

  • Gotta say, the speed looks great on the Samsung (as does the bit taller screen), but I would go for longer battery and no-heat any day.

  • I try to watch all these videos on my first generation iPad, without success. Then I go to my PC running Windows 8, and love the videos. Apple you have lost me. My next tablet, machine will be a Windows 8 touch screen. Love it. Just love it.