The Surface ad that should have been on TV [Video]

Did you like the Surface TV spot with all of the people getting up and dancing and clicking out their kickstands? It was a bit obnoxious, but it did a good job of showing off how the Surface RT is unique compared to other tablet competitors. The above fan-created commercial certainly doesn’t do a good job of showing off anything but the kickstand, but you can’t deny the humor in the ad.

What do our readers think? Should Microsoft have employed something like this in their recent TV spots?

  • I definitely prefer this over the actual ad. I really did feel like they were just advertising a kickstand. You know what else had a kickstand? My bicycle. Admittedly it was a decent selling point. But for a tablet, if I cared a great deal about such things as kickstands, I wouldn’t be looking into purchasing a tablet; I’d just get a laptop.

  • I would stray from comparing it to other tablets in the advertising. It’s really more of a laptop replacement then a secondary device. Play to those strengths.

  • Ruufus

    I love the ad except for its ending – cutting off the robo-hand and smashing the iPad screen – which is too “harsh/mean” for a real ad. Instead, the Surface could flyin, spin to a profile view kickstand closed but facing the iPad, and then on beat spas open kicking the iPad off frame. The Surface then faces the viewer. The camera zooms into the smiling Messaging Live Tile as it flips and opens. In Messenger, the message pops up, “Kick In. Surface.”
    Just a brainstorm.

  • idlelimey

    HA! Love it.