Asus Vivo Tab receives $50 price cut along with free keyboard dock

If you’re interested in a Windows 8 tablet but Surface RT hasn’t sold you yet, Perhaps ASUS can tempt you. The ASUS Vivo Tab launched a few weeks ago at the price point of $599 without its dock, which is a $200 accessory. However, some online retailers such as Amazon are now selling the tablet for $599, while ASUS itself is offering early adopters the $200 dock accessory for free.

It’s likely that ASUS is getting cold feet concerning Windows RT and wants to get rid of any stock they have now, as it was rumored a few days ago that the company only produced around 50,000 RT units for sale. It’s interesting to see prices drop this quickly and since Samsung and ASUS are the only two companies with an RT product available right now, it remains to be seen if any other manufacturers pull out quickly.

  • This is a good deal for anyone who wants to hop onto the RT bandwagon. That dock alone is worth it since it’s a full-fledged keyboard if the Touch cover on the Surface isn’t your thing.

  • I got to play around with one of these for a good while at a MicroCenter, and it feels great. If I had the money, I would definitely do this.