AT&T selling Lumia 920 for $449 off-contract

For a few weeks now we’ve been advertising that the Lumia 920 will cost $599 off contract, as that’s what Best Buy has been advertising on their various leaks. However, it looks like AT&T will be offering up the Lumia 920 for no commitment at a price of $449, which is definitely much more reasonable than Best Buy’s offering.  For those of you who want to pre-order your Lumia 920, you can do so by checking out AT&T’s pre-order page here.

Our review of the Lumia 920 is still forthcoming and we’ll likely have a lot to say about the “weight” issue that so many people seem to be commenting on with the phone, so stay tuned!


  • I pre-ordered one today, black with black charging pad. Can’t wait to get it Friday! :)

  • That’s not a bad price for this thing off-contract. I’d bite. Still not fond of the design too much, but I’d bite.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    NICE! Wish all other devices cost this much. I mean this is a high-end phone. High-end Android phones go for at least like $600 when they first come out. And let’s not even mention iPhones.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I actually happen to really like these designs. Ever since the Lumia 800, I fell in love with these phones’ looks.

  • Matte black for me!