Rowi posts sneak peek video at Windows Phone 8 update

Windows Phone 8 devices are slowly beginning to get in more hands, and reviews of these devices are going up too. One thing we’ve noticed about Windows Phone is the lack of apps that support new features. Fast resume and the added screen resolution are not being utilized in enough apps. What’s worse is that zero Twitter apps are updated for Windows Phone 8. Rowi aims to change that.

Rowi is one of the more popular Twitter apps for Windows Phone. They just posted a video to tease their upcoming update for WP8 and it is looking mighty impressive. The app boots up almost instantaneously, and the only thing removed was the splash screen! Rowi will support fast resume when the update is finalized, which will only make it faster. It’s nice to see a popular app support new features.

[via WPCentral]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    What is the point of this app if you can just use the People Hub? I guess the People Hub doesn’t have many dedicated features, but I don’t need much from Twitter: just read and post tweets.

    I guess it would be more organized to have a dedicated app, but I would rather not clog up my phone with extra apps.

  • Nice. Since the Carbon dev has basically given up on Windows Phone, I’ve been filling the void with MeTweets. This Rowi update might change that, though.

  • Power users who follow a bunch of people who aren’t necessarily in their contacts find use in a dedicated app. For example, I talk to a lot of people on Twitter who are into gaming and tech, but they’re not in my contacts list. I find it easier to keep up with them with a dedicated app then try and see what they were @replying me about in the People Hub.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Yeah that makes sense. I was also just thinking about the fact I use multiple Twitter accounts. It makes sense to use a dedicated app for that. By the way, which Windows Phone Twitter clients support multiple accounts?