First look at Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 8 [Video]

Early this morning Angry Birds Star Wars popped up in app stores across all platforms. The Windows Phone Store was among those included, which makes this one of the first times a new popular game came out for Windows Phone at the same time as iOS and Android. The times they are a changin’.

So what makes this different than any other Angry Birds game? For starters, everything in the game is Star Wars themed. The levels are named after things like Tatooine and The Death Star. Characters are also Star Wars themed, and they have correspondingĀ abilities. For example, the Luke Skywalker bird can use a lightsaber.

We played the game through most of the first level and had a lot of fun with it. The new characters and abilities make you think about the game in a whole new way. We were afraid it would feel like another boring Angry Birds game, but after you start unlocking new characters and abilities it gets really fun. Angry Birds Star Wars is an Xbox for Windows Phone title. It’s available now for $.99 and a free trial of the first world.


  • Edgar Cervantes

    That was quick, man. Keep it up, Microsoft! Maybe soon we will have all the apps available. If only Google would develop their official apps for Windows Phone. Especially Google Voice.