Now that pre-orders are up for WP8, what color are you getting?

After more than two months of waiting, pre-orders for AT&T’s phones have finally gone up. Verizon is finally supporting Windows Phone 8 and things are looking bright. That being said, we here at WinSource want to know what phone you’re planning on getting and in what colors? I myself will be settling on the Lumia 920 in matte black, which is an upgrade over my Lumia 900 also in matte black. I debated with myself over the 8X and the Lumia 920 for a good bit but finally settled on the Lumia 920 because of Nokia’s relationship with Microsoft.

Any color combination you’re particularly fond of? Will you be waiting to see what Huawei brings to the market next year, or perhaps waiting for Microsoft’s elusive Surface phone? Let us know in the comments what your favored phone and color are for this generation of Windows Phone 8 devices.

  • I’m sure I’ll end up getting black. At first I was excited at the prospect of getting a cyan phone, but then I understood the 920 won’t be coming in cyan, so black it is!

  • The Lumia 920 will be available in cyan for US users. It’s an AT&T exclusive color. The only color not available is the matte grey.

  • Oh, good! I didn’t realize it was AT&T exclusive. Good thing that’s my carrier, since that’s one of the few colors I’d really heavily considered. Maybe I’ll get cyan after all! It’s hard to say no to a matte black phone though; it goes with everything.

  • I ordered a black 920 with the free black charging plate :)

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Blue! I usually get black, but I feel like the black one doesn’t take advantage of the awesome design.

  • That white and black looks awesome

  • I pre-ordered a red 920 on AT&T, comes tomorrow. It will go nicely with my Surface with a red touch cover. I would have seriously looked at the 8x S if the screen were bigger. looks like th zune hd and I loved that one.

  • Woo! Post some pics of that red one. You’re the first person I’ve seen here and even on reddit who’s getting it. :)