Official Twitter app gets updated for Windows Phone 8

Apps are slowly starting to get updated for Windows Phone 8 in preparation of November 9th when the Lumia 920 and 8X go on sale. Today the official Twitter app has received an update that adds a few Windows Phone 8 features.

The most notable is that the app is now compatible with higher screen resolutions. No more black bar up top! The other new addition is the double wide tile size. We can’t tell if the app is using fast resume or if they just removed the splash screen, but either way it opens very fast now. The only thing missing is lockscreen notifications. Still, this is a very good update.

EDIT: It appears that the app is using fast resume  If you back out of the app it restarts and you see the splash screen, but if you leave the app via the Start button and then tap the tile on the start screen it opens right back up. Nice!


  • Ehhh…

  • Very cool! Hope to see this become a trend… and maybe see some of those efforts spill onto Windows8, too? Please?

  • It looks nice enough for a Windows Phone app, but I wish they’d let you choose the colors you want to use. I’ve never been fond of the “Twitter” blue in apps. Black or white, imo.

  • There actually is a dark version. Replace the white in the pics with a dark blue color.

  • God, that would be slick. I love it when services are nicely integrated. No more bloatware, please!

  • Well, at least the Windows Phone version gets timely updates…