Windows 8 quickly overtakes Android in web traffic stats

StatCounter is a popular internet traffic analytical firm and they’ve got some shocking news for the recently released Windows 8. Traffic from Windows 8 has overtaken traffic from Android devices in just over a week of Windows 8 being released. The data provided by StatCounter shows that traffic from Windows 8 surpassed that of Android this past weekend. Of course this data includes all devices and not just mobile, which is the majority of Android devices, but that just goes to show how much staying power Windows 8 will have. Analysts predicted that consumers would buck the Windows 8 trend, but from these stats it looks like they’re embracing it happily.

No official sales numbers have been given since Windows 8 has gone live, but we do know that Microsoft sold four million individual upgrades within the first four days of the new operating system being made available.

[via TechSpot; image Microsoft News]


  • fredphoesh

    How is this surprising? I have windows 8 on my 5 computers, and am always streaming, downloading huge movies, transferring big files to and from clients… on my android phone, I get email, news, download the odd file, and occasionally watch youtube or stream radio… hardly at all surprising as Im sure my PC’s use 100x more bandwidth than my phone and tablet combined.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Wait. You guys are comparing an operating system for computers and tablets against an operating system for phones and tablets. More people surf on their desktops and tablets than their phones.. Desktops are more powerful, they are used more often and windows 8 was extremley cheap and people love cheap software with a big name behind them. Main point: It is stupid to compare an OS for desktops and tablets against an OS for tablets. Feel free to compare windows RT against android, but not the full W8.