Report: Some AT&T stores refusing to sell Lumia 920 off-contract

Before you head on down to your local AT&T store with your heart set on a Lumia 920 and a fistful of dollars to avoid signing a new two year contract, you may want to wait and order online. According to reports by My Nokia Blog, it looks like some AT&T retail stores are refusing to sell the Lumia 920 off-contract. As you know, the on-contract 2 year commitment pricing is only $99 which is mighty enticing, but for $449, you can get the same phone with no commitment. That’s a far sight cheaper than the $599 we thought the phone would originally cost off-contract.

While this is just one particular instance of a store refusing to sell off-contract, several commenters on Pocket Now’s report have stated the same. One commenter said AT&T refused to sell him a Galaxy Note II the day it was released because it was a “new” phone. Interesting and something to keep in mind, if you’re wanting to keep yourself contract-free during the upgrade process.

[via: The Nokia Blog]

  • JSYOUNG571

    The worst carrier to have a Windows Phone under in the first place. Get you phone from another carrier because At&t is going to screw you big time on updates and fixes released from Microsoft. You all have been warned from a Windows Phone 7.5 owner with At&T.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    There should be a law or regulation that forces carrier stores to sell phones off-contract as an option. This is simply unspeakable.

  • CharmsDad

    We sent in to buy an iPhone 6 and they refused to sell it to us off contract.