Rovio promises to bring Angry Birds Space & Star Wars to WP7 devices

Now that Windows Phone 8 is officially here, with it comes a slew of games from other platforms. As you know, Angry Birds Space launched for Windows Phone 8 and Angry Birds Star Wars is on the horizon, but what about those stuck with their Windows Phone 7 devices? For now, Rovio is promising to bring them to all Lumia devices “within the coming weeks”. Here’s the full statement from Rovio on the Nokia Conversations blog:

Hey, it’s Rovio here! We can see you’re all pretty anxious to get your hands on our latest Angry Bird titles, which makes us very happy. We just wanted to reassure you that for people using a Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710, we plan to have Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars with you in a matter of weeks. We’re working with Nokia to make both available on the Nokia Lumia 610 and Nokia Lumia 510, but we can’t make any promises, just yet. Keep watching Nokia Conversations for specific updates. May the birds be with you!

It’s nice to see that Rovio is even working to support some of Nokia’s lower end devices, like the 610 and the 510. Keep your fingers crossed if you’re not upgrading to Windows Phone 8 immediately and we’ll let you know when these games are available for you to play around with.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars is surprisingly fun. WP7 users should be happy to get it.

  • JSYOUNG571

    I wouldn’t hold my breath with Rovio who didn’t care about Windows Phone 7 owners from the get go. People keep acting like there will be support and apps for current Windows Phone 7.5 owners. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Microsoft has crapped on us. We should all make our next phone an Android or iPhone to send a middle finger message to Microsoft.

  • Sobr0801

    My last 5 phone have been Android, and all the apps in the world could not send me back that way.

  • Sobr0801

    Its to bad Nokia never got a WP7 on Verizon, probably would have purchased it over the Trophy. I do love the Trophy, just wish it had Nokia’s support behind it.

  • You go ahead and do that. We’ll miss you.

  • Sobr0801

    I could never return to Android, my Wife on the other hand loves it. I have all the App’s I need in WP. The only thing I have found lacking from time to time is the browser, and when I move up to WP8, that will be improved.

  • I meant to reply to JSYOUNG, sorry.

  • Sobr0801

    No problem. Odd are I am picking up a 920 tomorrow. I am hella excited. Probably be stuck with black, but no complaints here.

  • Mike

    C’mon Guys.
    why wasting your time with WP Phones?? when you see there wont be any future for wp7,shouldn’t be upset and being jealous or angry why most smartphone gaming companies make games for ios,android or WP8.
    lets face this.
    im gonna throw my WP phone away and Purchase iPhone 5.
    Even wont be angry because of app or game lacking on my device.
    the solution is…….
    Stop purchasing Windows Phones and Head For ios one.
    you can have each app at any moment you want.