Surface users report Touch Covers splitting and Windows RT audio problems

A couple weeks after a major device launch a few issues usually pop up. Surface users are reporting a couple of problems, starting with the Touch Cover. The first issue is with the physical keyboard itself. Users have noticed the cover edges appear to be fraying and in some cases wires are exposed. Microsoft is sending free replacements to people with this issue.

The second issue is an audio problem in Windows RT. Random muting and stuttering have been reported during use and stand by. The Surface is not without it’s bugs, so Microsoft will add these issues to the list of things to get fixed. Hopefully all the problems are ironed out before the big holiday sales push.

[via The Verge]

  • Ruh roh Shaggy. Looks like a typical device launch, though. Good on Microsoft for making good the frayed touch covers. They ought to, if you paid $120 for any color but black.

  • JSYOUNG571

    HA! HA! Typical of Microsoft. Always last minute and always rushing. Can’t wait to see what other bugs people are going to experience with this overpriced playschool tablet.

  • Nomad45

    Can the mods please block this troll? I’m sick of reading of his stupid comments on every single story.