Three new exclusive Xbox for Windows Phone 7 games come to Lumia phones

Who says Windows Phone 7 is dead? Not Nokia. Three new Xbox for Windows Phone games have popped up exclusively for Nokia Lumia phones. The best news for current Lumia owners is the three games will work for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7. The three games are The Game of Life, Jet Set Go, and Parking Mania.

The Game of Life is a classic board game. You choose things like careers, marriage, and other simulated life events. This game only supports local multiplayer, not online.

Jet Set Go is a time management game. You are put in charge of a travel agency. Tasks include taking photos, helping guests tan, and other travel themed things.

Parking Mania is pretty self explanatory. You are trying to park a car without crashing into other cars. Do it correctly and you receive three stars. There are over 80 levels to play.

All three games are available for $2.99. Grab them from the links below if you have a Nokia Lumia phone.

The Game of Life | Jet Set Go | Parking Mania

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