How To: Sync multiple Google Calendars in Windows Phone 8

One thing that can be frustrating for Windows Phone users is the lack of integration with Google services. One Google service in particular that doesn’t play nice with Windows Phone 8 is Calendar. When you sign into your Google account in the “email+accounts” page there is an option to sync calendar, but what they don’t tell you is this only syncs the main calendar in your account. Any calendars that you are subscribed to will not show up.

Google Sync can fix this problem, except it doesn’t work that great on a Windows Phone. The process is a bit tricky, but follow along and you’ll have all your calendars syncing in no time. Let’s begin.

If you head to Google Sync on your phone will go through the process below, which you can see doesn’t work. IE10 in WP8 can’t display the mobile version of Google Sync for Windows Mobile. We can fix this.

To work around this problem we will use our computer instead. If you are a Chrome user download the User-Agent Switcher for Chrome (Firefox users just search for “user agent” in add-ons). Once that installs change the user-agent to iOS>iPhone 4, and disable JavaScript. Next head on over to and you should see the page below.

Your list of devices will be different than mine, but just find the one for your Windows Phone 8 device you are setting up. Then you will see the screen below.

The end of he URL will say “false,” but we need to change that to “true.” Once you do that reload the page and you should see your list of calendars like below.

Now it’s just a matter of deciding which calendars you want to appear on your device. Once you make your selections be sure to click “Save” in the upper/lower right. Now just give your phone some time to sync and you should see all your calendars in the settings. Congratulations!

  • Blah, it should be a crime to have to go through so much. Does this same workaround need to be done for RT tablets?

  • I don’t think so, since it’s not a problem in Windows 8. But idk.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Of course it shouldn’t play nice. If you want the full potential of Google services, buy an Android. There is no way I am going to use Google service on a Windows Phone. You will never get the full potential of the service.

  • Alex

    It is not working :(
    The page is displaying the list of calendars, but it won’t let me tick any.

  • MK

    Did not work, did not come up with the windows options at all, same as before.

  • Kit

    If you can’t click checkbox, then you need to disable javascript first. Google added code to only allow you to sync one calendar at a time for WP, but it is just a little form validation javascript. It didn’t happen on a WP7, but interesting (or suspiciously) it did on the WP8 device.

  • i cannot get this to work either even with the spoof. i’ve downloaded another browser on my lumia 920 and it also won’t show me this magic list of calendars in google…

  • Disable JavaScript.

  • You can’t do it on the phone.

  • Phantomvirus

    Worked like a charm – thank you

  • TheShadowKnows

    Don’t be such a tool. heterogeneous devices and services these days – no going back

  • Mikko

    Any idea why I can see only my old WP7 device at google sync page but not the new WP8 even if I have synced email(, calendar) and contacts with google.