Nokia Lumia 920 endures tough abuse in latest drop test [Video]

Watching new technology take a beating is always rough, but Nokia has been renowned for their build quality so it’s always a bit of morbid curiosity at play when it comes to drop tests with the Finnish company’s devices. This latest drop text from Phone Buff shows three different drops from three different common heights, including pocket, chest and head height.

The phone actually fares better than many of the Android drop tests I’ve seen as of late, so that’s always comforting. Seeing the screen survive is a big plus in my opinion, as these drop tests usually conclude with something like, “Well, that was a really big height for that screen to survive.” Kudos to Nokia for this solid design. I’ll take the extra weight any day.

[via Phone Buff]

  • Love how well the screen held up! Not even a crack!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    WOW! That is solid… Some awesome results. You guys should do a drop test when you get yours. :P