Skype preview for WP8 now available to download

When October 29th rolled around and WP8 early adopters were able to get their hands on their new devices, many were disappointed to see that Skype had not been updated for the new OS. That changes today, as Skype has announced the new preview for Windows Phone 8. The new version has deep OS integration and is fully capable of running in the background.

Among the improvements are Skype call notifications being handled like incoming voice calls, lock screen notification support and of course, background support so you can continue to receive notifications and calls even while the app doesn’t have focus. All these improvements are mentioned with a disclaimer, as the Skype development team wants to remind those that download the new preview that this version is definitely not the final version.

  • Finally!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well now that MSN Messenger is going away, they have to replace it with something! lol

  • It’s about damn time.