Windows 8 Twitter app Tweetro hits Twitter-imposed 100k subscriber limit, developer says it’s killing the app

If you recently upgraded your PC to Windows 8 and you use Twitter, you’ve probably been to the Microsoft Store to see what offerings are available. Surprisingly, the official Twitter client for Windows 8 is missing, so you’ll have to be tided over with an excellent third-party app like Tweetro, from Lazyworm Apps. The problem with this is the 100k user limit that Twitter has imposed on all third-party clients has been reached. Current users of Tweetro received this email to alert them of the app’s problems:

Since the official launch of Windows 8, we’ve seen a massive spike in downloads.  We are averaging around 3-4K downloads a day and have had well over 200K downloads since Tweetro launched on ‘Release Preview’.  Unfortunately, we’ve been victims of our own success as it appears that the app is now being blocked by Twitter due to the new Token limitations.

The app is now completely crippled and users cannot get past the OAuth screen as they are presented with an error ‘Cannot connect to service’.  We were under the impression that Twitter wasn’t going to enforce the token limits until March next year (when all 3rd party apps are required to migrate to the new API’s) however this doesn’t seem to be the case. We have reached out to Twitter for confirmation however we haven’t heard back yet.

The future of Tweetro is uncertain at this stage but it’s likely that it will be pulled from the Windows Store until we can figure out the best way moving forward.  At this stage, we are considering to add further polish to Tweetro and re-launch it as an exclusive ‘premium’ paid app.  We would have been more than happy to continue distributing Tweetro for free as the exposure we’ve been receiving from it has been fantastic however being limited by twitter to a maximum of 100,000 users would mean we’d have to justify development via financial means.

We hope that there is a way around the token limitations, at least until the official Twitter app is available on Windows 8 however it seems that Twitter is taking a strong stance on this issue.

We’ll aim to have further announcements in the coming days with regards to what people can expect from future iterations of the app.

In the mean time, for those who are enjoying Tweetro we recommend that they refrain from uninstalling the app, removing accounts from within the app or revoking access from Twitter as there is no method accessing OAuth in its current state.

It’s sad to see this happening to a great development team like Lazyworm and Twitter seems unyielding in their policy, as it is designed to make sure ads begin showing up in third-party apps so that Twitter gets a cut of the revenue stream. It’s a shame that success like this also means failure because of Twitter’s new stance.

[via Windows Observer]

  • Twitter is really screwing over devs, and it’s a shame because they are the ones that grew Twitter to what it is today.