Nokia rebrands its location platform as ‘Here’ and will move beyond Windows Phone

Nokia held an event in San Francisco this morning, where it announced the new version of their location platform would be called “Here”. For those eager to try out the new platform, the maps service can be found at Nokia also announced that it would be extending its mapping platform to Android, iOS, and even Firefox OS. Some of the new additions to the service include:

  • Search for and discover new places
  • Get directions by foot, car or public transport
  • Check your commute and get live traffic info
  • See reviews and photos for places and share your view with others
  • Explore the world’s great cities
  • And much more

The platform combines both local and cloud-based data for rendering, which allows a quick 3D render of your area even while offline. This technology doesn’t come cheap on space for your devices though, as Nokia has announced that the dedicated iOS and Windows apps will consume 2.2GB in storage. Wow. Worth it if the maps are superior than what Apple provides for its iPhone users, though.


  • and Apple can rebrand theirs as “Where?”

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  • lmfao, golden.

  • Nokia’s maps have been very good over the years. They’re right up there with Google Maps IMO, wouldn’t mind seeing it on Android.

  • Edgar Cervantes

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